Since 2003, I’ve helped businesses with their online presence, by creating and maintaining professional, search engine friendly websites.

Who are my Clients

Organizations and small businesses in the construction, financial, education, and automotive industries, as well as individuals like massage therapists, musicians and artists.

What I Do

I build websites for small businesses and organizations. I do this by creating custom WordPress themes that are suited to a client’s specific needs. I use WordPress as a kind of framework, then do some customizing, resulting in a unique website that fits my clients needs, is secure, fast, and easy to update.

Why WordPress?

Because of its flexibility, security, features and ease of use. In recent years, WordPress has grown and become very powerful, and customizing WordPress for my clients websites has replaced most of my custom CMS’s. WordPress’s core features, theme customization options, and available plugins makes it a great choice.

Why NJE Design?

  • I know what I’m doing, and if I don’t know something, I’ll be honest and tell you so.
  • I’ll find a solution to your problem that’s best for you, not one that makes me the most money.
  • I’ll work hard on your project.
  • I’m there to help and support you, throughout and after your project is completed.