Wearable Technology – Is Your Business Ready for the New Era of Communication?

Toys for some, game-changing gadgets for others, wearable technology devices are now the trendiest type of tech on the market. Basically, the future is now and you need to keep up with it.

Everybody knows about the two most promoted wearable tech devices, the Apple iWatch and Google Glasses, but we can assure you this is just the beginning. These types of gadgets will affect every business sector. Communication and transactions will be easier and faster, while technology will be friendlier. Because that’s what innovation does: makes everything simpler!

Even though the public may only know about the iWatch and Google Glass, there are many other wearable products already available on the market. From smart watches and digital glasses to augment virtual reality headsets and interactive rings, these tools of mobile communication are simply mind blowing.

But what is wearable technology? Basically – the micro sized version of the same mobile experience. Why wearable technology is already favored over the “traditional” communication technology? Because it’s easier to access, smaller, more succinct and you can wear it on your arm, hand or head.

Providing an unprecedented intuitive user experience, by reflecting real time movements and actions initiated by the user, this technology offers more than just fun gadgets that count your steps or take pictures with a blink of an eye. Wearable tech reshapes communication!

If, at the beginning, this technology was addressed mostly to consumers, today the giants in this industry focus on designing products compatible with business applications. Their final goal (besides getting very, very rich) is improving workplace productivity and the efficiency of organizations.

Companies that provide field services have already embraced the next generation of mobile devices, with donning wearable cameras while their technicians are out in the field. But it doesn’t stop here! Companies use “smart glasses” that allow them to save millions by solving issues a lot faster.

Wearable devices make their way in patients’ veins, while construction workers get to see inside walls and piping without having to actually make the trip there, just by using smart wearable technology devices.

Employees that work in the retail sector have already been familiarized with wireless wearable wrist displays and wireless headsets that provide information on the go. Smart watches come to help with the payment process, with PayPal launching a new app for the Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch. So, yes, customers are going to pay for the purchased products from their wristwatch, while the payment will be accepted just by pressing one button. Talking about efficiency and never having to wait in line!

The fashion industry too will adhere to the new technology trends, one of the pioneer fashion labels in this field being Michael Kors. They are planning to launch lipstick tubes and compact mirrors that, besides helping fashionistas to look pretty, will also play the role of portable phone chargers.

At the rate wearable technology is developing, soon we all will be laughing about how funny those communication devices we called smartphones or tablets used to look like. Yes, there’s nothing exaggerated here!

Take for example the famous Google Glass. This device is designed to respond to verbal commands and have controls located on the frame. They are even talking about a laser-projected virtual keyboard, as if we haven’t been already wowed by this innovation. So, in only a few seconds, the consumer will be able to access numerous sources of information and relay them to a screen located in the upper corner of the user’s vision field. Who needs a smartphone or a tablet now?

Moreover, Google Glass will be a life changing device for people with hands-on jobs. A plumber or a mechanic wearing a pair of these sleek glasses will be able to do his work while reading instructions and useful information.

As expected, Google is the first giant to think to something this clever, but it will definitely not be the last. Motorola is already in the ring with its Moto 360 smartwatch, a voice operated device that reads messages and reminders on command. Working almost as an assistant, this wearable device is a stylish accessory and a business gadget. And, of course, a phone!

It’s expected that by 2018, the wearable technology market will be worth $8.36 billion and will revolutionize communication in sectors such as business, marketing and retail. This is the future and the future is already present. Is your business ready to embrace wearable technology? Are you?


by NJE Design