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Set Default Order of CPTs in WordPress Admin

Change the default order of custom post types in the WordPress administration. We'd like the order to be by title and not have to click the title to set the order.

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Equal Height Columns Using Pseudo Elements

We want equal height columns with background color that will span the full height. Typically we've used floats, but with varying content, the columns won't be equal height, so we'll use Pseudo-Elements to solve this for a 2 column layout.

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Twenty Twelve Responsive Navigation Testing

Twenty Twelve theme navigation testing.

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Add favicons to website

Need to add favicons to a website? is a tool that creates favicons for different devices.

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Customize input title placeholder for Custom Post Types

For custom post types, let's modify the title placeholder text to more accurately say what type of title is expected. So when our client adds a testimonial or project, we display text specifying what's expected.

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