How To Display Products On Your Manufacturing Business Website


To sell your services, your manufacturing business needs to be able to display its products online. Therefore, you should create several product pages, one for each product your sell. On each page you’ll need to create the right design with a good mix of the best pictures and text to sell your products.

There is little doubt that a picture paints a thousand words. Your potential clients will make decision from the visuals you publish on your site. For example:

  • They help your visitors better understand your products.
  • 60% are more likely to consider contacting a business when an image is displayed in local search results.
  • 67% of purchasing decision makers believe a good quality product image is “very important”.
  • The image is more important to online purchasers than “product-specific information”, “a long description” or “ratings and reviews”.

Therefore, improve your website’s selling performance by including a number of high quality images of your product pages.

How Do You Get The Best Product Images?

Having an image is not the only requirement for your website; they must adhere to several best practices to be highly effective. Check your images off against these best practices.

  1. High Quality

You should never compromise on the quality of your images. A clear picture of your product will give your visitors a better idea of what your product looks like, including all the fine details, and presents a more professional image for your business.

  1. Use Alternate Views

A single image of your product is good; however, to get the most out of your product pages you’ll want to have several images of your products from different angles. This helps to form a three dimensional representation of your product in the mind of the visitor. This is the closest your visitors will get to picking up your product and viewing it themselves.

  1. Have A New Photo For Each Color And Variation

If you product has a lot of variety or comes in different colors you should include an image for each type. This will help your customer to visualize the product in the color that they are looking for, something that will appreciate. If you don’t give them this option, then they can become highly disappointed when they order a product in a color not demonstrated on your site and it doesn’t meet their expectations.

Also, by showing variations and products in their various colors, you can increase sales as some customers aren’t willing to buy without seeing an image of exactly what they want.

  1. Zooming

Your customers will want to see the finer details of your product. You could take hundreds of photos of you products’ finer details; however, this is not good for your sales page nor would it be user-friendly. Instead, enable zooming on your website images so the customer can see for themselves if they so wish; and those that don’t aren’t burdened with image heavy product pages.

  1. Consistency

Be sure that the images for all your images are consistent. For instance, use the same backgrounds, angles and props within your images so that there is professional tone and that your products are easy to compare. Also use consistent language and formatting for descriptions. If there are inconsistencies, customers will feel confused and will likely leave your site if they can’t easily get the information they need.

  1. Optimize Your Images

Ensure that your products’ images are highly optimized for web use and search engines. Don’t have images that are too big. Many digital cameras today take very large images (thousands of pixels by thousands of pixels). Uploading large images can slow down your site. And depending on the browser and device a visitor is using a large image on your web page can take up the entire screen.

The format jpeg is usually best for uploading images, but it does depend as some other formats can use less memory and can be easier for certain devices to view.

Also, ensure you are using the products name in the image title, description, alternative text and caption tags. This helps your products to be found on Google, which places a high value on images as compared to product pages.

Use Good Descriptions

In addition to images you want to ensure that you are using the best descriptions for your products. To do this you need three aspects: headline, sub-headline, description and contact information.

The headline: The product name, including any variants.

The sub-heading: Provide one benefit of using the product.

Description: Write 250-300 words on what the benefits are of using the product. Don’t be tempted to write the functions as many customers don’t want to know them, only how they can use the product to benefit their lives.

Contact Information: Some customers might not be happy with just your website; they might want more information from your sales team. Therefore, include at least a telephone number and email address so customers can contact you.

Include Video

People are watching more online videos than ever before. Here is a stat: 89 million people in the US will watch 1.2 billion online videos today.

Videos help your visitors understand the products you’re selling. And videos can also be easier to understand on mobile devices. It’s still important to have images and text descriptions, but it’s easy for mobile users to watch a video as opposed to scrolling through lots of images and content.


For your business to have a high rate of visitor conversions, you need to ensure you are using images on your product pages. Use the best practices above to check that your product images are attractive to your visitors. Then employ the best written descriptions that focus on the benefits rather than the functions. This will improve your visitor conversion rate therefore generate more leads, sales and higher revenues.


by NJE Design