Locked out of my WordPress Website

Invalid login attempts to WordPress administration can cause your web host to block you by your IP address.

I can’t edit my website, argh…

A client recently had this problem. What caused this? Was it a setting accidentally made on their computer, or in their web browser that might restrict access to a website. Maybe some parental restriction I wasn’t aware of?

I asked my client install a different web browser to see if there might be an issue with their current web browser. They installed chrome, but they were still unable to view or access there WordPress website.

This is a first for me

I’ve never had a client blocked out of a website or experienced this myself. The next step was to contact the web host. The host asked for their IP address. After sending the IP to the host, they found that it was being blocked, and they were able to unblock the IP address, which solved the problem immediately. They responded that this is a protection for our clients and keeps things more secure.

For our situation the IP was blocked at the server and the host had to unblock it, there was no way for us to do this from within the control panel. I wonder if other web hosts allow users to unblock IP addresses instead of having to contact customer support.

Not a solution to being blocked by IP address by the web host, and more of a note to myself, here is how to block or unblock an IP address using .htaccess.

#Deny one IP and allow everyone else
order allow,deny
deny from xx.xx.xx.xx
allow from all
#Allow one IP and deny everyone else
order deny,allow
deny from all
allow from xx.xx.xx.xx

by Norm Euker