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Locked out of my WordPress Website

Invalid login attempts to WordPress administration can cause your web host to block you by your IP address. I've never had a client blocked out of a website or experienced this myself. The next step was to contact the web host. They responded that this is a protection for our clients and keeps things more secure.

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Web Design = Music = Math

Many websites are built using a flexible grid of 12 or 16 equal sections. This mathematical grid is similar to a measure of music in 3/4 or 4/4 time or even the 12 bar blues. Is there a link between web development, music and math? I think so.

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What a Small Business Website Needs

Laptop user

Do you have the essentials of a successful website? Effective calls to action on your home page? Good content, images, mobile friendly, and search engine optimized are keys to a great small business or organization website.

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Nonprofit Web Design Clients

Why I Love nonprofits, and more importantly how they are saving money by using my services. I offer them a partnership for their website that includes assistance, knowledge, and peace of mind, all at an affordable cost.

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Is a Lack of ‘Call To Action’ Losing You Business?

A colleague asked me to look at some pages on her site, explaining that visitors weren't contacting her as much as expected. One thing I noticed was a lack of focus, or lack of where to go next.

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