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Load WordPress posts using JSON and enable search using jQuery

This is a simple example of how to load posts using JSON from a WordPress custom post type, assign the posts to a list inside a div and enable live search using jQuery.

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Loop through repeater rows to display upload files with title with ACF

How to loop through repeater rows to display upload files with title with Advanced Custom Fields Pro plugin in template file. In the WordPress administration: Create field of type Repeater Create Sub field (in our case named event_file) of field type file and set return type to File array Associate custom fields to desired CTP, […]

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Integrating Bootstrap into your WordPress theme

I like to use Bootstrap for most custom wordpress themes which is an HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile website project. Here are basic steps to get started using Bootstrap. Download Bootstrap from Unzip Bootstrap and add the CSS, JS, and Font files to your theme in the correct directories Open […]

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Pros and Cons to Building Your Own Website

While some don't think twice before hiring a professional web designer for their business' website, others, who usually have a limited budget, prefer to do this themselves. But is this a good idea for their business?

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World Wildlife Fund – and the Power of Social Media Channels

World Wildlife Fund

Review of the World Wildlife Fund's website and social media. The World Wildlife Fund social media channels are used as communication and marketing strategies. The organization has a strong online presence due to their interesting articles and videos, important data provided and life-changing campaigns.

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