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New Eisbrenner Website

Eisbrenner Public Relations, a prominent PR firm in Royal Oak, Michigan needed a new website. We’ve worked for a long time with Eisbrenner, and they’ve been a great client, so we looked forward to working with them to design and develop a new website. Its goals were: Website should better represent the current business. There […]

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My Lightning Talk Class Experience

Recently I took a great class for giving lightning talks. This can be pretty scary for us introverts, where we'd rather be in the back of the room instead of in front of a group.

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Pros and Cons to Building Your Own Website

While some don't think twice before hiring a professional web designer for their business' website, others, who usually have a limited budget, prefer to do this themselves. But is this a good idea for their business?

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Wearable Technology – Is Your Business Ready for the New Era of Communication?

Toys for some, game-changing gadgets for others, wearable technology devices are now the trendiest type of tech on the market. Basically, the future is now and you need to keep up with it.

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How To Get Better Leads Through Your Small Business Website

generate leads

There are many different options for your small business to collect information and process leads. This includes collecting email addresses and improving website copy.

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