Pros and Cons to Building Your Own Website

While some don't think twice before hiring a professional web designer for their business' website, others, who usually have a limited budget, prefer to do this themselves. But is this a good idea for their business?

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Wearable Technology – Is Your Business Ready for the New Era of Communication?

Toys for some, game-changing gadgets for others, wearable technology devices are now the trendiest type of tech on the market. Basically, the future is now and you need to keep up with it.

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World Wildlife Fund – and the Power of Social Media Channels

World Wildlife Fund

Review of the World Wildlife Fund's website and social media. The World Wildlife Fund social media channels are used as communication and marketing strategies. The organization has a strong online presence due to their interesting articles and videos, important data provided and life-changing campaigns.

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Responsive Web Design – You Need Your Website to Respond to Your User’s Preferences

We're sure that at some point you tried to navigate on a certain website on your tablet or mobile phone and the website simply didn't look right. The text was not readable, the categories didn't fit well, the buttons were hidden. In other words, the website was barely usable!

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How To Get Better Leads Through Your Small Business Website

generate leads

There are many different options for your small business to collect information and process leads. This includes collecting email addresses and improving website copy.

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