Eisbrenner Public Relations

Created responsive WordPress website for Eisbrenner Public Relations, one of Michigan’s leading B2B public relations agencies.

Eisbrenner Public Relations


  • Design
  • Development
  • WordPress CMS
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Search Engine Optimization


We used one of our favorite plugins, Advanced Custom Fields, to enhance WordPress's standard editor screens giving Eisbrenner a customized environment to add, edit and delete posts, pages, news, and custom post types.
The site was developed to be response, so the site displays well on all devices like mobile smart phones, tablets and desktop computers.

Fast, knowledgeable, reliable and responsive!

In addition to being fast, knowledgeable, reliable, responsive and doing great work, he cares about his client and their business.

C. Olszewski


Custom Post types

Created custom post types to support the following content:

  • Clients
  • Team
  • Case Studies

Custom Fields

Created custom field groups using advanced custom fields to support each custom post type.

Let’s take the clients page as an example.

Clients page screen shot

This page displays each client logo. When the user clicks on a logo, there is a detail view that displays information specific to that client.

Note: We’re using some jquery to show and hide the client details using http://www.jqueryscript.net/gallery/Thumbnail-Grid-with-Expanding-Image-Preview-Using-jQuery.html

To make it easy to edit this content, we’ve created a custom environment so Eisbrenner can easily add a new client and specify the details. We use advanced custom fields and create a custom field group that is displayed when they edit a client. Each field in the field group matches the data type needed to support the data. For example, the contact name is a text field since that will support our expected type, the Industry field will be a repeater type since we can have an undetermined number of industries associated to a client.

Create custom field group using advanced custom fields and associate it to the client post type.

Create client field group

Create custom fields to support our client custom post type.

  • What makes them good
  • Industry (this uses a repeater field type, so users can enter any number of industries for a client)
  • Headquartered
  • Contact Name
  • Contact email
  • Image
  • URL

We associate our field group with our client post type, so the client fields are only displayed on our client post type.

Other Settings:

  • We can set where our field group appears on the page.
  • We can set the instructions and labels to appear next to or below our content.
  • We can also choose to hide content that isn’t needed when editing our client information. This way there is nothing distracting the user from the most important content.

Client edit screen

When Eisbrenner is editing a client they’ll see all the client fields since we’ve assigned the client post type to display our clients field group when editing the client post type.

Edit Client

We’re using the posts types order plugin so the display order can be specified by dragging and dropping.