How To Display Products On Your Manufacturing Business Website


When displaying products on your manufacturing business website, a picture paints a thousand words. Include optimized images, descriptive alt tags for enhanced SEO, and video for enhanced view of your products.

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A Guide For Managing Small Business Website Content

Managing Small Business Website Content

Manage your small business website content by scheduling regular updates. Adding articles, blog posts, news and events, as well as video can enhance your credibility, make your site more interesting, and increase your businesses search engine results.

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How I convert wp_list_pages to wp_nav_menu in WordPress Theme

Some older WordPress websites use the WordPress function wp_list_pages() to display the websites main menu. I want to use a more flexible function to display my website menu. In my WordPress theme, I convert wp_list_pages() to wp_nav_menu().

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How Long Does It Take To Create A Nonprofit Website?

Time to create nonprofit website

Your nonprofit website is crucial to the success of your nonprofit organization. Check out the steps in the process of creating your nonprofit website.

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WordPress SEO by Yoast – Why I Love It

WordPress SEO

I've waited too long to start using the WordPress SEO Yoast Plugin. I really like the features and especially the Focus Keyword tool that makes it easy to improve SEO results.

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